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About Me

The Short Version

Hey you! I wanted to make this short but I also want you to understand how life’s experiences brought me full circle to what I was made to do – CREATE!

I love enjoy writing, painting, photography, dancing and music. A big part of my creativity goes into my son’s music, from getting his songs mastered to producing his music videos. You can learn more about him here DeJean Wright. It looks like this creative stuff runs in our genes – thanks to my daddy! I once ran a hotel and poured all my creativity into that. Later, I focused on my son. As time goes by, I see where all things come together for the greatest good. As of late, they have all culminated into a lovely relationship with video editing.

God is Greatest and His art is the best I’ve ever seen.

The Longer Version

Born into a family that always promoted and appreciated art, I’ve always had a natural inclination for the arts in many forms. For years, I ran a hotel thinking it was the right thing to do after my mom passed. I felt I owed it to her to keep her legacy alive. 12 years later, I took a leap of faith, shut down my entire life and made some changes that are not for the faint of heart. Those changes came with many ups and downs that have lead me to evolution time and time again – a constant state of metamorphosis.

Besides running a hotel, I graduated from St. John’s College with a degree in Business. I then worked with a local media company, Kriol Gyal Produkshans until I moved to the US to pursue a degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

With this formal training and my experience in running a small family hotel, my creative versatility grew. I’m an all-around creative person who can fit into many roles. I learn fast and especially enjoy working on projects. I am now in full pursuit of my passion… CREATING. 

I enjoy engaging with people, places and things that made me feel ALIVE!

I am fascinated by the human experience, be it that of my own or someone else’s. Everyone has a unique and amazing story, one way or another. My worldview is that people are here to find and live their truth. Kudos to you for every moment you get to do that! My blog Nourish Me Sweetly, is dedicated to all my thoughts on this – truth!

My truth is always evolving. As clarity finds me day after day, I’m often coming to a new understanding. That’s me in a nutshell. Most proudly, my sweetest #iAM is: I am a mom to a brilliant young man who, like me, learns differently and often has a perception of things that do not contour to the confines of a box. It’s been an amazing journey!

Some Things I Love to Do

Website Design

Simple 3 – 5 page website awaits you. It’s a lot easier than you think. I want you to look good and feel good about your brand, your business, your goals and your ideas.

Graphic Art

Logos, Book Covers, Business Card Layout, Brochures, Invoices, Booklets… if you have any other small projects, lemme know how I can assist.


Writing is like a puzzle to me. I enjoy putting all the pieces together so a story can unfold. I also write jingles…


I took my first art class with Mrs Michelle Perdomo at St John’s College in Belize. A few years later, I took one painting class at AIFL and kept on painting. I usually sell my original work and art prints are available here in my shop.

Video Editing

If you have any clips or photos you’d like to put together in a seamless flow, I can help you with this. Videos are good for social media as well.


Somehow I have a knack for listening to people and helping them to get to the core of what they’re trying to do.

Freelance Artist & Writer
December 1999 to Present

Graphic Art |Web Design |Copywriting Jingle Writing |Painting |Video Editing

Wild Apache Geronimo
March 2019

Web Design |Music Publishing

DeJean Wright
February 2002 to Present

Graphic Art |Web Design |Social Media | |Music Publishing

Transformational Goddess Retreats
June 2018 to Present

Wordpress Editing

Dreemwurl Studios
January 2018 to Present

Web Design [Coming Soon]

Serve The Goddess
June 2015 to February 2019

Graphic Art |Blogging |Wordpress |Social Media

Lorraine DiGiovanni
November 2015 to November 2016

General Assistance

Hotel Mopan Ltd.
December 1999 to August 2012

Co-Owner | Graphic Art |Web Design |Marketing Jingle Writing

Image Factory Art Foundation
October 1998 to August 2006

Graphic Art |Web Design |Newspaper Layout

September 1995 to August 1996

Graphic Art |Custom Printing

Featured In

Women in Art 2010


Women in Art show provided me a platform to display my unique works on canvas. Women in Art is celebrated annually in Belize and it’s always a pleasure to be a part of it.

Women in Art 2006


When Attallah Shabbaz, eldest daughter of Malcom X, chose my poem, “I Have a Way With Words, She Said” to be recited at Women in Art, 2006, I was delighted. The poem was written in honor of my mom, Jean U Shaw, JP., MBE.

Commissioned Art

Jan 24th 2008 – Belize

Portrait of Jean U Shaw nee Weir, commissioned by Belize Tourism Board. I was asked to paint my mom’s portrait for the dedication of the BTB Headquarters in Belize to her memory.

Unique Photography

Dec 5th 2000 – Belize

Artist displays unique photographic technique  at Image Factory Art Foundation, curated by Yasser Musa …In honor of my mom who passed a year prior.

First Art Show

Sep 8th 1998 – Belize

Artist makes debut at Fiesta Inn, Belize Paintings & Photography. My very first art show in Belize.



Treasures of a Century. A collection of Belizean Twentieth Century Poetry
SHE, Belizean Women Poets.

Connect with me on Social Media

Find me on Instagram. I love sharing my art, mini tutorials, all types of photography including selfies haha and other really cool stuff.

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