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About Me

Hey you! I wanted to make this short but I also want you to understand how life’s experiences brought me full circle to what I was made to do – CREATE!

Born into a family that always promoted and appreciated art, I’ve always had a natural inclination for the arts in many forms. For years, I ran a hotel thinking it was the right thing to do after my mom passed. I felt I owed it to her to keep her legacy alive. 

12 years later, I took a leap of faith, shut down my entire life and made some changes that are not for the faint of heart.

Those changes came with many ups and downs that have lead me to evolution time and time again – a constant state of metamorphosis. Besides running a hotel, I graduated from St. John’s College with a degree in Business. I then worked with a local media company, Kryol Gyal Produkshans until I moved to the US to pursue a degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

With this formal training and my experience in running a small family hotel, my creative versatility grew. I’m an all-around creative person who can fit into many roles. I learn fast and especially enjoy working on projects. I am now in full pursuit of my passion… CREATING. 

I enjoy engaging with people, places and things that made me feel ALIVE! 

I am fascinated by the human experience, be it that of my own or someone else’s. Everyone has a unique and amazing story, one way or another.

I’m either telling that in a story, a poem, a drawing or a painting. I am a mom to a brilliant boy who, like me, learns differently and often has a perception of things that do not contour to the confines of a box.

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Versatile & Creative

I used to wish I only knew one thing and was a master at it. These days, I love that I can adapt to multiple tasks with ease. I learn fast and have vast experience in being a business owner and an employee. 

Mostly, I learned how to be a team player. 

When life lead me to running a hotel, I got a chance to pour my creativity into every aspect of the business. It was like having a huge canvas to pour all my creativity into. I was able to smoothly move from one aspect to the next and I’m still able to do that today. Only now, I want to use this skill to help others so that they can accomplish their dreams and goals. 

Graphic design

Logos, Book Covers, Business Card Layout, Brochures, Invoices, Booklets… if you have any other small projects, lemme know how I can assist.

website design

Simple 3 – 5 page website awaits you. It’s a lot easier than you think. I want you to look good and feel good about your brand, your business, your goals and your ideas.


Writing is like a puzzle to me. I enjoy putting all the pieces together so a story can unfold. I also write jingles…

check out my art

Psst, do you like art?

Art really adds a lot of character to every space. I’ve made art prints available as well as other merchandise. If you’re someone who enjoys unique and one-of-a-kind products, check out my online shop.